Tiger Tom And The Persian Princess

Tom slunk around the corner, belly to the ground. He was hunting. Crouching low, his green eyes glowed as scoured the terrain for prey.

Then, he saw her watching from the window, sitting on the sill with her tail curled. Exquisite and regal...a white Persian princess with china blue eyes.

Tom sauntered nonchalantly through the grass, knowing he had caught her attention. How could it be otherwise? He was no common marmalade tabby. There was Bengal blood running through his veins. A descendant of royal stock...tigers who ruled the jungle with an iron paw.

He glanced in her direction. She was aloof and distant, or perhaps bashful, overwhelmed by his majestic presence. It was understandable. He swaggered closer.

She was indeed a beauty. Together, they could make kits the like of which had never before been seen. Rare tigers with white coats and blue eyes, blessed with his bold spirit and courageous nature. She remained remote and withdrawn. He liked that. She presented a challenge.

A human face appeared in the window startling Tom, but he stood his ground in a momentary display of bravery before strutting on his way. Over his shoulder, Tom gave his Persian princess a wink indicating that he'd be back.

Inside the house, Debbie Mitchell grabbed her two-year-old by the seat of his OshKosh overalls before he had time to climb on the sill and wreak havoc. He was into everything these days and she really should find safer places to display her knick-knacks.

Persian Princess

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