Beyond the Veil

Quietly closing the door behind her, she found herself alone with her conscience. She twisted the plain gold band until it almost cut into her finger. It would not be easy...walking away from ten years of devotion in order to begin again.

"Regrets?" asked her inner voice, but it was a trivial question without substance. There were none. The past decade had been the happiest of her life thus far and she considered herself the most fortunate of women.

Her hands lay motionless at her side as she remembered the blissful day she had taken those cherished vows. She had dreamed of little else since she had been a child. Didn't all young girls fantasize about being a radiant bride? The occasion had more than lived up to her expectations.

No, she could never regret the union which had taught her the true meaning of love and had provided her with strength and courage. These things would doubtless prove invaluable in the years yet to come.

"Still time to change your mind," advised the voice of caution once more, but she slowly shook her head. There was no explaining the decision, not even to herself really, but it was not without purpose. She took infinite comfort in the knowledge that the only one who truly mattered understood, passed no judgment and demanded of her no accounting.

She removed the simple ring and placed it reverently atop the well-read bible before picking up the small suitcase. She bowed her head to the beloved figure on the wooden cross which dominated the sparsely-furnished room.

"Thou art with me always." she murmured.

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