That's A Wrap

"This is how they'll find me?" she asked. The Guide nodded. "But the hair..." She reached out a hand, "it's not quite right." The Guide held her wrist. "Nothing you can do about it now."

"This is how I'll be remembered?" The Guide smiled. "For a while, but this image will mingle with others. The end result will be one to make you happy."

"But I thought I would be happy here," she insisted, glancing around the room. The Guide touched her shoulder. "I know, but it wasn't meant to be."

"I never wanted to cause trouble or hurt anyone," she said, like a repentant child. "I know that too," comforted the Guide. "Nobody blames you."

She wanted to cry. "When they talk about me, what will they say?" The Guide thought for a moment. "Eventually, that there was more to you than could be seen with merely the eyes. That's important, isn't it?"

"Oh yes," she sighed. "I wanted so badly to be taken seriously...that, and to be loved."

"You were loved," the Guide assured her. "You will always be loved."

"Then they won't forget me?" "No," replied the Guide with a gentle smile. "In some ways, you will be more alive to them than ever before."

"Time to go?" she asked. The Guide nodded again. "But the hair..."

Taking her by the hand, the Guide led her away with the words, "...must remain as it is."

Norma Jean glanced back only once.

"That's a wrap, Marilyn," she whispered softly, her lips barely moving. "We don't have to do this any more."

Marilyn's Resting Place

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